Tips For Protecting Your Money In A Digital World

In the past, we used to keep track of money through ledgers and other accounting systems.  Today, with more and more ways to save money and to make money through investments, we need the use of technology in order to keep it all straight.  When looking at banks like Columbia Bank Linden, we want to know what they are doing in order to keep our money safe in a digital world.

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Passwords are an outdated way of protecting your money and your data.  Most people will use simple passwords such as numbers or names and dates.  These are easy to remember and can also be easily hacked.  When using a password try to use something unique that will be difficult for others to think of and crack.


Most banks now have the ability to have thumbprint identification.  This is where we will scan our thumbprint at a scanner and if the pattern matches then we are given access.  The problem with this is that it can still be hacked if we get a copy of a fingerprint. 

Don’t keep all your money in one place

It is very important that you spread your money around.  You don’t want to have all of your money in one place.  First of all, you want to have your money working for you in different locations.  You want money that you can access if needed, you want short term investments and you want long term investments.  With all three of these working together, you can plan for a great financial future.

Have dedicated equipment

One thing that you might want to do is have dedicated equipment for your online banking and other transactions.  What most people will do is they will have apps on their phone and they will have low security on these devices.  What you need to do and what you should do is have a dedicated phone or a computer that you only use for your online transactions.  This can be locked away and monitored.  However, this can become troublesome but if done correctly you can save yourself some headaches down the road.